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NEW Series: The DIP

It happens to almost everyone. You start strong - full of excitement and passion. Then it happens... you can't explain why. You can't avoid it... Read More »

KidsLIFE Kid's Ministry

Your kids will experience kid-sized life change at KidsLIFE every Sunday!

Crave Student Ministries

Sundays at 5PM

NEW Series: The DIP

It happens to almost everyone. You start strong - full of excitement and passion. Then it happens... you can't explain why. You can't avoid it. Life gets tough. You hit The Dip.  Join us for this insightful series as study God’s Word and learn how to emerge victorious in even the toughest seasons of life.

Growth Class 1.0 - Come hear what Changed Life Church is all about!

Don't miss the next installment of our new Changed Life Church Growth Track. The Growth Track is a catalyst to help you become a life-changer for Jesus Christ by offering the tools necessary to make this happen in your life.

From the initial decision to accept Jesus as your Lord to your final destination in life-changing ministry, we will lead you step-by-step from healing to growth and into a fulfilling leadership role.

This class is a basic introduction to the ministry of Changed Life Church and will help you understand how to be a partner in the mission of Changed Life. The class will resume in the Fall in the Burke High Cafeteria. Childcare and a light lunch are provided.

Check Out The Latest LIFEgroups!

LIFEgroups are the heart of how Changed Life will accomplish our mission to see people’s lives changed by Jesus so that they can become life changers in Jesus' name. LIFEgroups will provide three important Biblical components of producing a life changer.

These three components are a Biblical foundation, a relational environment, and an intentional process. With all three of these components working together we can work towards developing an infinite chain of discipleship.

If you have been a part of a LIFEgroup or small group in the past, you understand the value. But if you are just considering one for the first time, commit to attending one of these LIFEgroups today!

Check out the Latest LIFEgroups

General LIFEgroups

These LIFEgroups are all covering the same lesson series:

SATURDAY | 6:00 pm
Our group is open to all. Childcare provided.
LOCATION: 7226 Wood Lane, La Vista (84th & Harrison)
CONTACT: Bryon at
402.639.7394, bryonc@gmail.com

SUNDAY | 5:30pm
We are looking forward to growing together as we study the Bible. Everyone is welcome. Childcare provided.
LOCATION: 3210 S. 109th Street (108th & Center)
CONTACT: Kurt and Maureen Olson 402-397-1144,
olsongang@pointenet.com or Craig at 406.240.6152, craigliscom@gmail.com

SUNDAY | 5:00pm
LOCATION: 13727 Adams Circle (138th & Q)
CONTACT: Pam Christenson, Brickenchicken@hotmail.com, or Debbie and Jason Rasmussen jasonras@gmail.com

THURSDAY | 6:30pm
Our group is a variety of people who enjoy and respect the sharing of life's experiences and relational journey with Jesus Christ.  Children are welcome.
LOCATION: 15033 Patterson Circle (153 & Q)
Mike and Amy Carlson 402-682-2012, mikecarlson.john330@gmail.com or Michael and Katie Fagan 402-631-8855, mikejfagan@gmail.com

Focused LIFEgroups

These LIFEgroups are dealing with a particular subject.

Men Of Purpose Group
A study of men in the Bible and how we can live today as men of purpose.
WHEN: Thursdays at 6:00am
CONTACT: Craig Liscom at 406.240-6152 , Craig.Liscom@gmail.com

Our youth LIFEgroup if for middle and high school students and is a fun relational place for students to grow in Christ.
WHEN: Sunday’s at 5:00pm
CONTACT:  Hunter Deidel, hdeidel6401@GraceU.edu or Bethany Norton, bethanysnorton@gmail.com
LOCATION: 138th and Q (13727 Adams Circle)

Check the CRAVE Facebook page for meeting details.

SATURDAY | 6:00pm  Cambio De Vita In Espanol
Our group in Spanish happens during the morning service. Childcare provided.
LOCATION: 4111 Nicholas Street, Omaha NE 68131
CONTACT: Jonathan at
402.208.3330, Latinministryus@yahoo.com

First Steps (Individual mentoring)
This study gives you foundational information for living the Christian life. If you are interested in going through the First Steps book. Contact Jason and he will find you a First Steps mentor.
CONTACT: Jason at 402.706.6637, jason@changedlifechurch.tv